Canvases Not Templates

All MarkCharbPhoto Photo Booth Canvases (templates) are an individual work of art. No two canvases are exactly the same. Here’s the difference: The industry calls the printed design a “template” which is accurate if you like a cookie-cutter, bland, boring print. That’s why we don’t make templates, we call them “canvases”  Some see a photo booth strip or print as a limited size, we see it as an entire canvas.

markcharbphoto: different by design

At MarkCharbPhoto we approach the 2×6″ or the 4×6″ photo print as an empty canvas with no rules to impede our creativity. You give us the creative spark and we create the fire. Something as simple as a color, phrase, occasion is taken from a concept to a quality memorable print. Below is just a few examples of our prior designs. 

Harnessing 25 years of layout and graphic design experience we can make your vision your message, brand, or thought clear, consistent, and beautiful. The final flourish is your amazing picture.

Here are just a few of our custom canvases.