charitable/Non-Profit organizations:
use A photo booth to tie in to additional revenue streams.
8x12 deployment.
An 8×12 setup of a Photo Booth space.

Here are the benefits:

  • Amazing attention to detail.
  • You receive the full spectrum of MarkCharbPhoto services. Most of our competitors provide a basic or no frills service. You receive all our offerings.
  • We are a value-add to your event which can help with promotion, creating memories, and the production of a souvenir photo print.
  • We can help with your brand messaging.
  • In the competitive market of retaining your supporters, guest, and recognizing your contributors, a custom photo just might be the edge of excitement, or that extra pizazz that puts your event in a league of its own.
  • We work with you to identify the best mode to accomplish what your funding goals are. People respond base on the experience we provide, and the most effective has been the donation jar.
  • Our service keeps their experience top of mind as your guests can return to our website and download their pictures for their own use.

Please reach out to us for your next event. We would love to work with you!