charitable/Non-Profit organizations:
use A photo booth to tie in to additional revenue streams.

Why Choose MarkCharbPhoto?

  • Amazing attention to detail.
  • You receive the full spectrum of MarkCharbPhoto services. Most of our competitors provide a basic or no frills service to charitable agencies. You receive all our offerings.
  • We are a value-add to your event which can help with promotion, creating memories, and the production of a souvenir photo print.
  • We can help with your brand messaging.
  • In the competitive market of retaining your supporters, guest, and recognizing your contributors, a custom photo may be the edge of excitement, or that extra pizzazz that puts your event in a league of its own. This offers you a way of retaining and rewarding your supporters linking your organization with their business.
  • We work with you to identify the best mode to accomplish what your funding goals are.
  • Our service keeps their experience top of mind as your guests can return to our website and download their pictures for their own use.

How can our non-profit or fundraiser get a free photo booth?

If you run a non-profit or plan a fundraising event, we know the importance fundraisers are to your mission and how using your resources wisely must be your top priority. Donated services are great, however small businesses do not have it in their budget to donate their services for free, even discounted rates cause us to operate at a loss. Even if you allow those businesses/vendors the opportunity to promote themselves or network with other business people at your event, experience shows it doesn’t translate into more business for them in the future.

MarkCharbPhoto has worked with several excellent non-profit organizations and help make their events  more special and memorable. Photo Booths are not only a fun way to entertain your guests, they’re also great marketing for your organization and event. Here are a couple of tips to get a high quality, professional photo booth for your next fundraising event… for free.

First: Let’s understand the scope of your event.
This allows us to establish a based cost of services. We factor in the number of attendees, venue, travel, complexity, resources needed and it allows us to design which booth application will work best. We also can help develop your message and branding for the photo booth materials. Generally the cost would be between the two packages we offer.

Have a business sponsor the photo booth.
Businesses are always looking for creative ways to market their services and products. At MarkCharbPhoto, we do our own graphics, which means we can put a company’s logo, website, and/or slogan on all of our prints, digital images, slideshows, emails, etc. Business get their brand out to everyone who comes through the Photo Booth.

Make the photo booth part of your biggest sponsor package.
Most events have different levels of sponsorship packages. Let’s say you are looking for a $10,000 sponsor. Most professional photo booth companies will run between $1000-$1500 for a banquet type event that lasts 3 to 4 hours. For $11,500 (an example price), your biggest sponsor not only gets all the benefits of your top level sponsorship, they also get their brand on the photo booth materials. This is great advertising, not only for your big sponsor, but also for your organization. Our photo booth integrates with Social Media that allows people to post their digital images online. These images will have your biggest sponsor’s brand as well as your non-profit’s brand on it and a hashtag associated with it. Social Media marketing is not only the best free marketing today, it’s the best marketing there is.

Please reach out to us for your next event. We would love to work with you! We can establish a price point for your organization and event.

Give us a garage or the space of a car and we will make your party awesome!
Give us a garage or the space of a car and we will make your party awesome!
8x12 Photo Booth deployment.
An 8×12 setup of a Photo Booth space.