Merlin Works Improv Holiday Party


We had a holiday party. Yes and… the pictures are in their own gallery! There are actually two galleries the animated GIF gallery and the picture gallery. Shameless plug time: Check out our Package details. The solution we deployed for the photo booth was from our “Crash The House Party” offering. This affordable but feature rich photo booth can be at your next event. Give us a garage or the space of one car and we can elevate your next get-together. We have a wide open 2018.

One you reach the gallery page, if you wish to save the image for your use, click the checkbox under the image, scroll to the bottom and then you will be able to download your images. This gallery will expire on January 5, 2018. Please note: we have seen some issues with IOS devices not allowing the download of the images. If you wish to download the images please use a desktop computer.

To see the pics you have to reach back to the Improv 101 days and recall the 4 letter acronym of Merlin Works Improv. (in all caps and no periods.) Place that in the Password blank on the next page

Please click here to visit the gallery page.