MarkCharbPhoto at Youth Ending Violence Summit

The Summit: Youth Ending Violence

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The Summit: Youth Ending violence


Youth from the Bastrop area attended The Summit: Youth Ending Violence, a workshop designed to better educate about the issues of domestic and dating violence which is present in our society. Media sensationalizes episodes of domestic violence, control, physical and mental abuse, however often the tools, resources and signs and symptoms are not clearly stated in the same news story. The Family Crisis Center of Bastrop Prevention Education Team focused on changing this. Approximately 60 youth from local Bastrop schools attended the summit to hear speakers discuss how communication breaks down, habits are formed, which turn to predictable behavior patterns that start to control and manipulate people into unhealthy relationships. For example contacting your girlfriend or boyfriend for concern is different than contacting them for control. There is a difference between “Hey how’s it going?” and “Where are you? Who are you with? What are you wearing? How long are you going to be there? When will you be home?…” Although starting off simple, such constant queries can lead to more possessive, dangerous, harmful and abusive patterns. Youth were empowered to know the warning signs of domestic violence, and how to get help. Breakout sessions focused on Acceptance, Tolerance, and Social media and Resolution Facilitation. For more information on recognizing the signs of domestic violence please see the info here.

MarkCharbPhoto provided media photography of the event, and an Open-Air Photo kiosk and prints for the attendees. The template was designed specifically to enforce the call to action hashtag #whatsURrole. the photo booth was a happening scene with props and photos, and awesome kids showing off their attitude and socializing with friends. Naturally since we have a strict policy regarding minors and online security there are no gallery entries for the event, but we were able to catch the Family Crisis Center Prevention Education Team having a bit of fun.

Prevention Ed Team having a little fun.
Booth Setup
Photo Booth Setup for conference.