What is a Live Open-Air Photo Booth, and what makes it different?

The Photo Booth of yesteryear is generally a tiny box you cram at most 3 people in, and enjoy some poor quality selfies. 

An Open-Air Photo Booth is without the box, spacious, and can accommodate large crowds. We use a full studio backdrop stand, gorgeous Modern Vintage backdrops from FJ Westcott and others, properly set lighting, and a professional camera and lens run by the latest technology. This is controlled by a fully automated software package to create your final image. 

Our attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our photo booth operations. We use only high quality resin props properly cleaned and sanitized. No cheap paper cut-outs here. Our setup and table is clean, distinct, and designed for efficient guest service.

Once your images are captured by our hi-tech booth while they print, they are displayed on our crisp 32″ HD monitor or projected from our image server. Tweet, Insta, Text, Share is just a touch away from our touchscreen.

Your keepsake is printed fast in brilliant color and available on our website for your private, personal use.

What is the quality of your printed images?

Our prints are made on the industry leading DNP RX1 HS Dye Sub printer. We can print in about 12 seconds. This is the exact same print you would get from a photo kiosk. We also have the option of producing a 4×6 or 2×6 inch strip cut photo group. 

To create the best keepsake for your event we offer a fully custom photo template design service. We can incorporate your message, branding, and design elements. Browse our gallery of past events and see just a sample of what we can do for you.

Do you have a special rate for charity and non-profit groups?

Yes we do, in a perfect world we would be able to provide services without cost, however there are obligations that must be met. We must pay for website hosting, photo media, insurance, transportation costs, and software that is a cost to us. In consideration of assistance for your group, a stipend of an agreed amount can be arranged for our service and some agreements and scope of service must be addressed prior to your event.

If there are simply no funds to meet a requested stipend a suggested partnership may be considered between MarkCharbPhoto and a small business you may have affiliated with. Usually this is  made possible with a co-branding of the photo strips. 

Generally a review of your event must be completed, however the minimum stipend is ~ $150 – $200 based on the event, travel distance, number of people, and time of the event.

At any rate, please consult us and see what we can work out.