February 3, 2018 –

Family Crisis Center in Bastrop. Superhero Soiree. We return to the event that started it all with all our new tech and toys! Using a custom backdrop and  offering Full Size 4×6 prints with a set of 5 customized templates the photo booth was hopping all night long! We raised $310 in donations! Way To Go!

December 15, 2017-

Merlin Works Holiday Party. Give us a garage and we will give you an photo booth! 

December 2, 2017-

MarkCharbPhoto was the underwriting supplier of all Santa prints for Help-Portrait Austin. We took our award winning dye-sub printer and produced over 300 Family Santa Pictures.  

November 5, 2017-

Kristen & Michael Wedding Photo Booth

October 28, 2017-

Family Crisis Center Bastrop  The Summit, Youth Ending Violence conference. 

October 08, 2017-

Vianneyfest Church Festival in Round Rock Tx.

April 28, 2017-

DellEMC SDS  Half-Ton Crawfish Boil Extravaganza.  Employee Fun Appreciation Event. 

April 22, 2017-

Live Open-Air Photo Booth services at Lights Texas Camera event in Bastrop Tx. We raised $169 for the Family Crisis Center and the Children’s Advocacy Center.

March 4, 2017-

Sometimes we are privileged to provide services to those in need. As part of Help-Portrait Austin we assisted to bring portraiture to the homeless at the SXSW event in Austin Texas. The blog post is here. Bringing Dignity to the Homeless Through Portraiture. 

January 21, 2017-

MarkCharbPhoto debuted their Live Open-Air Style of photo service at the Bringing Back The 70’s Disco Party and Gala fundraiser for the Family Crisis Center in Bastrop Tx. The event was held in La Grange Tx. You can read the blog post here. MarkCharbPhoto Live Open-Air Photo Booth Debuted. We raised $269.00 in charitable donations, and had a great start with 8 people in one picture. We expect this to be topped soon.