Hi, my name is Mark Charbonneau I live in Round Rock, Tx. with my two cats Miss Pauly and Jasper. I am engaged to the best fiancee in the world, Jen who also part of the business. 

So… How did the business start? Jen works for a Non-Profit, and they were having a gala. They were wanting some pictures, and I thought of offering prints. I researched printers and found our current hardware and printer solution. We opened our Live Open-Air Photo Booth to rave reviews! People were having a blast, including us!

I started this business because I am passionate about helping parents, event planners, small businesses, civic organizations, non-profits, and anyone overcome the stress and challenge of finding an onsite photo provider. I have a passion for taking great pictures, creating and sharing great memories.

Here what makes our services the best in the business:

  • We supervise the photography. Looking at the competition, all you get are glorified selfies. The integration of an experienced photographer gives you a new level of connection and fun, and this is seen in the photos we produce. It might be that great laughter, or turn of the camera that makes your experience memorable. I have over 100 ideas to engage your guest.
  • We supervise all aspects of our event. There is just Jen and myself and you will work with us, we are personally committed to your event, and we will never farm out our service to a stranger you have never worked with. We all have fun.
  • We make it personal. Its your event, We want to work with you to create a memorable event with a lasting personalized photo template the complements your style. Let’s pick the backdrop that meets your style. Let’s talk props, or no props for an elegant sophistication.
  • We offer a live service. In our premium service, we shut down the automation, and a studio photographer takes control. We add additional lighting with classically trained photography, but deliver prints instantly! 
  • We are invested in the community. Jen and I serve on the leadership team of Help-Portrait-Austin and yearly we bring the Help-Portrait program to those in need here in Central Texas. Just recently we brought our printing system to SXSW to produce photos for the homeless. When you hire us, you enable us to give back to the community. One day photos for the homeless, another day, photos at a Senior Center, or at a pet shelter to help with adoptions. Perhaps its photos at a church festival. For we have been blessed, and its time to use our talents to bless others.

-Mark & Jen

If you would like to learn about our past gigs, you can see our Past Gigs page here!